A wonderful opportunity to view the Burren from a mountain top and to learn about the geology and farming practices of the Burren. I especially liked the opportunity to view the Caher River Valley and to see the ring fort Cathair Dhuin Irghuis from above. I recommend it!

Linda Lee Rzoska

A stunning tour and a must do if in the Burren. It’s only 90 minutes so easy do even if you’re only passing through the area and not staying.. although you’d be mad not to stay in this stunning locality of Fanore! Anne and John give a wonderfully unique tour of the Burren, with stunning views over Galway Bay & the Aran Islands and they provide great information on the flora, fauna, landscape and locality. Anne also has great tales for any little people that may be on the trip. My 4 year old is STILL telling everyone almost a month later of his drive “up the mountain” – clearly the highlight of his 2 weeks in Fanore.

Sarah Cullen

Burren Mountain Tours, an absolutely breathtaking experience. Untouched beauty, from rock formations, beautiful flowers to wild goats. The views are the best in the world, seeing the burren from above is a unique experience. Thank you so much to the wonderful guide. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Vanessa Breffitt, Nottingham, England

What an amazing experience! Thanks Anne and team for the fabulous tour! there was such gorgeous, rugged scenery all around us, and when we were at the edge of those cliffs overlooking the Atlantic – there was not another human being in sight but us! It was magic and the kids LOVED it! We cannot wait for our next visit.

Elaine Bradley-Ryan

This is a very worthwhile experience. It was a privilege to be introduced to the outstanding beauty of the Burren by a couple with such longstanding and personal experience of the area. The tour was presented with great consideration for the needs of individual visitors. The information provided was excellent and questions were welcomed. Above all it’s such a special place and we had a wonderful day.

Ruth B, Norwich, United Kingdom

We were so pleased we went on this tour. Having access to the mountain with Burren Mountain Tours gives a whole new view of this beautiful part of Western Ireland. John and Anne were lovely hosts and flexible about waiting until the early mist had lifted, allowing our party to have the benefit of panoramic views in the sunshine. The weather won’t always be sunny, but the mountain itself is a beautiful location to explore with its characteristic Burren limestone and plants in the season. Anne provided a very interesting commentary during the tour. Altogether it was a unique and special experience. We will definitely do this again.

Jan K, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Can you imagine owning a mountain stretching toward the sky:

thirteen hundred  acres with inviting slopes for hungry cattle?

How long had wild goats known this as their limestone domain?

People and their animals called it home 5000 years ago,

then wandering in search of new food and shelter

left behind their dead, buried under mountain stones—

the only visible monuments for lives lived long centuries in the past.

What other stories lie just hidden under the mountain’s stoney covering?

Oh to shed the urban and live close to the unraveling of such an ancient mystery!

Beth Pierce Robinson, September, 2017 , USA

Everything around Doolin seemed so touristy! The weather was uncharacteristically hot for Ireland and my wife has some mobility issues but we were looking for some way to experience the geography of the Burren. We saw a poster in the Tourist Information Center for Burren Mountain Tours. 

I sent an email to the address on the poster and was surprised at how quickly Anne responded with the information I had requested and several suggested times that we could take the tour. Several more quick emails and we’d agreed upon a time and gotten simple directions to the meeting point. 

Anne greeted us when we arrived and took us up into the mountain in her SUV. As we went Anne described her life on the farm, the land and the local customs. Up in the mountain the scenery was incredible as were the views of the North Sea and the Aran Islands. 

High on the mountain the temperature was much cooler (a welcome relief). Anne stopped at various places along the “road” to describe the sights and we asked to stop at other spots just to get out and explore.

Anne was an excellent guide (we wondered if she was a teacher). The 90 minute tour was a unique opportunity to connect with the culture and really was the highlight of our time in western Ireland.

AJ M, York, Pennsylvania, USA