Burren Mountain Experiences

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Can you imagine owning a mountain stretching toward the sky:
thirteen hundred acres with inviting slopes for hungry cattle?
How long had wild goats known this as their limestone domain?
People and their animals called it home 5000 years ago,
then wandering in search of new food and shelter
left behind their dead, buried under mountain stones—
the only visible monuments for lives lived long centuries in the past.
What other stories lie just hidden under the mountain’s stoney covering?
Oh to shed the urban and live close to the unravelling of such an ancient mystery!

Beth Pierce Robinson, September, 2017, USA

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Ms Robinson, a poet from the USA composed this following her visit to the mountain. An amazing lady who had visited this area for many years but had never seen the Burren from the mountain top as the climb was too difficult. However, we afford everyone the opportunity to experience the magic of the limestone of the Burren highlands irrespective of physical ability or time

Our mountain track follows the route of the herdsmen of long ago to bring their cattle to the mountain for the winter. The views of the Clare and Galway coastlines along the Wild Atlantic Way are breadth taking. From the western mountain edge there are unparalleled views of Galway Bay and the Aran Islands.

These are unique and authentic experiences away from then crowded tourist spots where you will be immersed in the magic of the Burren.

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